Miss Garnet’s Angel

Read Miss Garnet’s Angel while we were away (for the angel in the title obviously) and pondered what constitutes a good read. There is the beauty of the text- that goes without saying. Sometimes there is a struggle to understand what is written, so turning pages is slow. I do not necessarily hold that against a book.  If there is no substance though, if there is not the sense that at the end the book will reveal some great truth, or that you will learn something new, then what is the point? I can feel quite angry that my time has been wasted, hurl the book straight (back) to the Oxfam shop rather than pass lovingly to a friend. Often my mother. Miss G’s A will get passed on.

The story within a story. The story of Tobias is lyrical and fascinating, and leaves the feeling of wanting to read more, to rush to Apocrypha and absorb the old stories. For it is stories that make us who we are. Without them we are half formed. I might have put Philistine, had I not discovered as something of a revelation that Palestine is the derivative of Philistine and they were not semi literate people just  ‘other’ and hugely misunderstood.

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