Lament for lost trees

Our neighbour’s garden runs along  ours.  We used to be  secluded with trees and overgrowth. The trees are now lost   When I get dressed  I can see the whites of my neighbour’s eyes.   He gets up early and I get up late.
The reason for the loss of all trees : a drive that will run along the boundary.  The lovely stone wall was broached,  ripping and crashing of metal and stone. Heavy machinery grumbled  with that persistent throb.  We shut the door. Hardcore  arrived,  falling soundlessly to the earth before our eyes.  We  looked away as the metal spoon destroyed decent flower beds. Plants that looked so pretty in the spring sunshine uprooted and unhappy in today’s cold wind.      It has not taken long to lay the track. It will be years to re- establish a garden.
Then yesterday a booming began that set the whole word trembling.  A deep earth sound that we felt in our hearts.  Could he be fracking now?  But no.  We read of war ships on manoeuvres off the coast.  What a fearful sound.  Again today. perhaps worse now we know what it is.

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