Book Launch

Held in the upstairs room of Palas Print, the independent bookshop in Bangor, the  drinksthe chats, the signing, the culmination of staunch support and faith.    Thank you good family and  friends.


There have been sleepless nights and hard work to arrive at this point and also much rejoicing.  So it  must have been for countless writers.IMG_0981

Just in front of the book case is a hint of Jan Fortune of Cinnamon Press, tireless champion of new writers.

Two photos to sum up being in print: the sky seen from the car on the way home


and the book on the shelves.


6 thoughts on “Book Launch

  1. Proud to know you, hope this is the first of many more !!! Love from P and J

  2. What a brilliant place for a book launch and it looks as though Palas Print was full to the brim. So pleased it went well.

  3. It was lovely, family and friends and even some I did not know all turned up. Felt very special. Back to the day job now though!

    How was it on board ? Bet that was exciting too.

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