Peace in Asturias

The peace of a night to ourselves in a hotel with a swimming pool pervaded the whole of  today’s walk.  After ten hours on the Camino in 35 degrees of full sun, the huge lettering on the roof of the hotel looked like a mirage. Then you know that one step further would be a step too far.  The relief of a swim for aching muscles was not far short of miraclulous.

So we opted for a langourous pace today, removing boots at a beauty spot, Bufones de Arenillas, and picnicing for about an hour.  We have come along the coast to a rock cliff where thundering seas have made holes like geysers.  Nothing thunders today but an even mist covers everything.

We thought all our pilgrim friends would be well clear, but just before turning towards the coast again, in Buelna, we spotted a new albergue, just opened.  Outside was the metal cage with the orange canary, Richard.  I think he might have been sulking.  He was certainly very quiet.  Paquita had walked herself to a standstill and was staying put for a day.  I offered her the orange feather, but she was not amused.


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