Separate Ways

Today we go our separate ways, Sunny Boy and I.  Hard to get our heads round the different busses and routes.  We have a farewell breakfast of churros and chocolate and sit like condemned men on the eve of execution.  Rich and thick and not very sensible for travellers embarking on a long journey.

There is a pull of separation as Sunny Boy’s bus speeds him towards Bilbao and the flight home and my train potters along to Oviedo. If we were joined with elastic it would either rebound or snap.

Mist or fog is a phenomenon here.  Air  rolling in off the sea trapped and cooled by the mountains: just like home!  Here there is no accompanying sea breeze, just sun and the effect is sutry. Especially with Spanish colonial style houses graced with avenues of huged palms.  These houses with towers and glass facades are often painted bright blue or mauve.

This new phase of the Camino, to come as a volunteer in a hostel in Santiago, is exciting.


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