Fiestas in Santiago

After mist and cool, by Spanish standards, the last few days, the blue insistance of the sky defies anyone to be down hearted.  Besides, Santiago is hotting up for Fiestas, even without the sun.  Preparations are underway and stages are being errected round town for the many bands already practising daily for the big party tomorrow.

One trio from Rusia play accordian, and two triangular stringed instruments; one perhaps a balalaika and one a huge base version, unmistakably an Eastern European sound.  They play Roll out the Barrel, and I laugh, reminded of pubcrawls, hearing the song played so delicately. Perhaps it is, after all, a sweet folk tune debased by association with first class beer.  Anyone for a pint of Watneys?

St James’ feast day is 25th July, the party, fireworks and all, will be on the eve but the celebrations, so I’m told, keep going all weekend. How lucky to be here welcoming pilgrims, jubilant having walked thier hundreds of kilometers, and for the fiestas.

(Confessions of a technophobe.  Should anyone read this and think a few photos would not go amiss, I’m afraid they must wait, for photos will not appear till after I get home.)


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