Visited by Aliens?


Away from home and the threat of unravelling in the face of nothing to do is as bleak as a long sleepless night.

Tinnitus, if this is tinnitus, feels like contact from aliens already inside the head. An electronic sound is hard wired to my right inner ear, the bony part behind the pinna acts as a receiver. I am as yet unable to decipher or uncode the message. There is rhythm to it like a speech pattern but not human speech. Tonight there is no rest from it. The aliens are getting closer or their message more urgent.
I had a premonition of disaster. It was a dream just before the aliens woke me .
We were out walking and had already crossed the estuary when the storm broke. Looking back the way we had come we could see the land had slipped in a huge slide of mud and rain and boulders so that return by the same path would be impossible. We simply would have to go on, keep walking and hope we made safety before the storm crossed the estuary and destroyed the land we were walking on and us with it.

Then, in the news, were actual pictures of devastation at home and threats of more to come, exactly as it had appeared in the dream. Since then, the alien attempt to contact has been incessant.

Then comes morning and an eerie calm pervades. Perhaps the aliens only come at night.



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