Lost and Found


I had decided I would never blog again because I had nothing to blog about then this picture of Margot Fonteyn in today’s paper prompted the following which I share with you.

The lost and found BBC footage of sleeping beauty dredged up memories.
‘I think we saw it.’ Sunny boy said, ¬†which will have been on the tv their dad built with his own hands from army surplus stuff
I think I remember it too, (me)
Did you have tv in 1959? (Him)
Not personally. We used to line up outside Mr and MrsTibbett’s house and watch theirs through their window.( me)

In my memory quiet and kindly, the Tibbett’s had no children of their own and did not shoo us away from the outside oftheir living room window or threaten us for standing on the flower bed.
They fed robins with chocolate biscuits.
Mr Tibbett had been a prisoner of war in The Far East.
‘He came back emancipated’ Mrs Tibbett told us once.