Hay Fever or Festival for Novices

photo copy 3

It could have been awful – muddy and crowded – but although crowded it was sunny and  a delight and we quite decided that writers are a rather nice lot.   The festival ran like a well oiled machine and after the first couple of talks even we knew that after the talk there would be a signing in the shop and we would have to make a dash to get a good place in the queue.

Personal highlights:

Barroux and his children’s book ‘Line of Fire,’ a first world war diary newly translated from French by Sarah Ardizzone and his wonderfully idiosyncratic way of signing with his paint brush.


photo copy

Lee Child’s description of how he named his character, Jack Reacher. Because he is so tall old ladies would ask him to reach for stuff from high shelves and the job of ‘supermarket reacher’ suggested itself and the name for his character. Plus a delightful smile when he recognised Sunny Boy, an erstwhile employee of the same company.

photo copy 2

The four hundred year old B&B we stayed in with its wonderful blown garden.

photo copy 4


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