A Taste of Cinnamon in Oxford



There is nothing like hearing a story or a poem read out loud. Perhaps, rather than teach recalcitrant three, four and five year old to read, they should have stories read to them end to end till the bug bites and they simply can’t wait for the next instalment but have to do it for themselves.

A treat to be invited to read at the Taste of Cinnamon Evening, at the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Jericho, a delightful front room of a bookshop. It reminded me of my childhood home where books, the overflow from bookcases perhaps, lined up on the window ledge in the corridor outside the bedroom. The titles were a poem in themselves but did not entice me further, too restless, too active, too young perhaps to sit and read all that small print without pictures, no matter how intriguing.

We listened to authors we knew, with whom we had shared a writing course and a dream of being published.  Thanks to Jan Fortune of Cinnamon Press that dream came true. Like a fairy godmother she waved her wand and lo!

Of course there was the hard work and the angst in between (for both parties).
For Jan, not least there is the worry of funding, of keeping going, of the phenomenal undertaking of publishing 25 books a year.

Proprietor Dennis Harrison asked Jan fortune how she chose what to publish. The reply was heartening. Out of the thousand or so hopefuls, there are one or two that sing out with a distinct voice, a voice with something to say and a way of saying it that you feel you could ‘listen’ to. (I paraphrase; Jan said it much better off the cuff).

(Picture: Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn and Jan Fortune)





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