A book to snuggle up with

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A Girl is a Half Formed Thing written by Eimear McBride has a disturbing world view, written in spiky disturbing prose that none the less won praise for innovation – amongst other things and beat the other short listed novels for the newly named Bailey’s prize for women’s fiction.

Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was  also shortlisted but did not win.  This describes life on different continents and is also worlds apart. Life for Africans in America, England and at home.  By turns funny and sad but always very readable. Hairstyles and lovers, growing up, growing apart, being deported, what is a good novel about but many, many things.

Perhaps it is a kind of laziness to want to be lost in the world of a book, to fall asleep reading it, to reach for it on waking or whenever quiet moments present themselves,  but  the prose style makes it a pleasure and not an endurance.

In no way does the comparison criticise the winner, just highlights the difference and a preference.


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