Mudlarks and Poppies

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A day in London to sing for water aid coincided with the last day of the Thames Festival.

The Lord Mayor had organised or perhaps more truthfully, had organised in his name, various events of which the singing was one.  We stood in the concrete amphitheatre, the scoop, which afterwards doubled as great place to let children run amok, and sang our hearts out to raise funds so more people could have clean water.

A small fair had pitched tents beside Tower Bridge; there were sheep in pens, and chickens for children to get close to, the RSPB had a stall encouraging people to learn more about birds and nature.  Then there were a couple of stalls who were there, ‘because we enjoy doing it.’  A sign by the Edible Hats stall said simply, JOIN IN.  Haven’t laughed so much in ages. The premise, also a simple one, seemed to be  try on hats made of cabbages, or daisies or trailing ivy,  green beards made of cress, take a photo if you like and have a good laugh at each other.

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There was a wonderful activity involving making a clay doubloon,  to be  filled with wild flower seeds and buried it in your garden or any flower pot when you got home after three days drying time and then waiting for the flowers to grow.  Sadly, I was too old for this activity.  I wish I had thought it up.

photo copy 2

North of the river were mudlarks; a game that happens twice a year when the tide and time  are right to forage in the mud bank on the shore and see what can be found.

Beside the Tower was the display of poppies, a spectacle in itself.



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