Refugee boy



With New levels of ignorance it is more important to encourage saner, more level, more informed minds. What better way than reading widely. The government make no bones about which texts the nation’s children should and shouldn’t read in a dangerous game of hegemony. Soon it will be left to writers and artists to strike back with more films, more books, more songs to remind us all we are one world.
Refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, call them what ever, get a raw deal not only in the UK.

Hats off to Benjamin Zephaniah

This political story for young adults should be required reading for politicians, those who make decisions on our behalf, whether or not we agree with them.  It seems in all the policy making, keeping abreast of current affairs and financial doom, politicians (some/most?) have lost the heart of the matter.

BZ puts them and us straight without over sentiment.

Those who have nothing share their last mouthful. Those who have more, go out of their way to hang on to it at others’ expense.




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