Man of peace

Today we met a man of peace identified by a white poppy in his lapel. A symbol, he told us, for a culture of peace and the belief that there are better ways than war to solve conflict.

We were travelling the same way and talked and talked. If only politicians stuck to principles, or listened to the man in the street… Perhaps there are more men of peace than we realised. is the website that suggests such unheard of things as abolishing war or making it illegal. There was a serious attempt to abolish slavery, after all. I’m not sure how long it took to convince slave owners of the hideousness of it, or how long it will take to convince warmongers.

War has become a dominant metaphor: war on terror, war on want, war on sugar, but this liberal use of the word belies a philosophy of militarism.  Jubilant return of heroes or the sad return of the fallen, lines of marching soldiers in front of Buckingham Palace paraded on TV screens perpetuates and legitimises militarism which in turn legitimises  trade of arms to all or any, including regimes with poor civil rights records.



White Poppy

Cirque du Soleil

If you have the chance, go to this circus.

Performed with passion, pride, soul even, enough to move the audience to gasp with fear at the daring and with wonder at the skill and dedication.  This is circus par excellence, not an animal in sight.
A charming story, a sort of global fairly tale,  weaves through a white knuckle ballet with audience participation.  The high wire, the balancing , the graceful, the daredevil, the clowning, human endeavour and ingenuity, the set, lighting, costumes and innovation are all breathtaking.

Peace on Earth


Snow muffled mountains, vast in white possibility, the strain of a train carrying goods or loved ones a hundred miles or more as the whistle blows.
A long way from home.

The homeless grime along pavements of shoppers hustling for last minute presents.
Carol singers, bell ringers bright against the dull morning collecting coins in caps.

Time to reassess. Ring out the old and ring in the new
and wish for peace and prosperity for all.

Canadian sense of humour


How much is it? We asked the bus driver. His first answer, A dollar seventy five, left us none the wiser.
You need a couple of sailing boats, a couple of beavers, maybe a bear and a couple of mooses should do it.

Wonderful Canadian coins. Lovely sense of humour. A random act of kindness for two old duffers (seniors) on the bus.