Goodbye to All That

Just occasionally, anti brexit feeling reveals itself in a little pocket of rebellion. (I notice with a hollow laugh that a little red line appears under the word brexit as if even the cloud thinks it’s invalid). At a concert overhearing pent up anger and the usual follow up, ‘what can we do about it, we’ll just have to wait and see.’

I said ‘sorry to listen in, but shouldn’t we be strident and try to find a way out of this mess? Isn’t it time for world unity never mind European, working together to overcome the major problems besetting us,global warming, and humanitarian crises of un imaginable ghastly proportions (yes migration, Syria, hunger)

A few iniquitous politicians, including David Cameron who simply bu….ed off and was never heard of again, took it upon themselves to destabilise their whole country and butterfly like, the whole world.

Why should brexit mean brexit when all other slogans used to persuade the populace, especially the one on the side of the brexiteers’ bus claiming enormous sums of money better spent on the NHS disappeared to Europe with no return at all, were out and out lies?’

It didn’t help any. Apparently we just have to stand by, let it go and say goodbye to all that.


2 thoughts on “ Goodbye to All That

  1. Well observed Mary.. SO frustrating. I am still bending the ear of anyone who will listen

  2. I think we’ve had a coup, perhaps. All the changes and disruption including the knocking out of next potential leader of UKIP, too many to be mere coincidence.

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