Time passes

I can’t remember your name, the Boxer said. I laughed, it doesn’t matter.
No go on tell me, she insisted, struggling into the adapted shower that is now woefully inadequate for her, letting the water run till it was hot.  Neither of us were distressed by this first major lapse. That’s right she said repeating it when I told her.
I should have lied and claimed to be either of my sisters, I realised too late. A cruel experiment perhaps to see if she truly had misplaced me.
From there it was business as usual and she was indulgent of bungled attempts to make the process easy. Ah well.
The old beam of pleasure  at the arrival of my beautiful daughter, youth personified: charm, grace and ease, to say goodbye before her long journey home and a moment of realisation when they kissed, all right Grandma?
Not only might this be their last, but this scenario would repeat as it had for aeons generation after generation.


2 thoughts on “Time passes

  1. My mum always smiles when I see her, but as she doesn’t really speak I can’t actually tell if she knows who I am any more. To be honest I prefer not to test it out and I always call her “mum” very loudly to give her a bit of a clue in case she is struggling inwardly!

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