The view from my window




Spring!  We hadn’t the heart to shoo this family away, just watched them nibbling their way through new shoots till they decided enough was enough and left.



Two local gardens that back on to each other were ‘open’  to the garden club for tea, cake and beauty.  Different styles; one wafting with flowers and interesting colour combos almost like a tapestry; the other, more of a small holding with hectares of land. Impossible to say which is more pleasing.  The small holding with onions, fruit trees, a vine even,  has a timeless feel as if village life has been enduring and will continue to for ever.  The flower garden is massively productive too with a small, tempting nursery.  Both peaceful, a joy to be in and both massively loved by their owners and, no doubt, hard work.  But passion for doing something  stops it being onerous ( mostly).