Droning on

Getting to know drones.
Occasionally, following up a ‘like’ on a blog spot reveals something truly iniquitous, that really should make everyone’s conscience shout out loud.

One such from an American blog has finally made my blood boil whereas hearing of the execution by drone of two British Muslims in Syria on the news, to my shame, merely made me uneasy for days.

A quiet American is raising funds and awareness by posting advertisements urging those who actually deliver drones from America to anywhere America fancies delivering them, to refuse. He urges them to go with their soul and defy the military and the government who are hell bent and possibly hell bound for their collusion. Even if it means prison. Those who deliver the drones suffer post traumatic stress. They soon know that a drone, however accurate will annihilate everyone and everything around it and their job is murder not vital in the fight against terrorism. Collateral damage is the new lie.

Now it seems that Britain is sending us to hell too.

Look for the Know Drones Appeal. Bombard your MP!
How dare our government destroy law, justice, peace and decency,in our name, things we have believed in and entrusted to them.