Ice Cream Days


Age: 93 and 1/2

status: infirm but happy

source of joy: sitting in sunshine

additional source: ice-cream

I did give my mother the soubriquet ‘The Boxer’ for her fighting spirit,  a predilection for  television, and boxes of chocolates.  For years that held true, now though, as old age ravages the once indomitable energy, it is less apt.

Also, I read somewhere that it would be unwise to trust anyone whose first name was ‘The.’

The View From My Window


After drear and ruinous storms, yesterday’s sun was a gift, a blessing and a surprise. Spring is in the air and the step.

While no one was watching the hellebores have been doing their thing. Last year they were so disappointing – in our garden at least – and we lost many. What delight to find them thriving.

A strong believer in omens, I have the feeling that this year will be fruitful.