The Bone Clocks


An intriguing book this; a dystopian novel. Dystopian makes it sound grim, but it’s not. Dystopian and utopian at opposite ends of a spectrum till they all but meet; like east and west, like fascist and communist; those in the dystopia are, after all, usually seeking utopia.   David Mitchell’s signature is all twists and swerves and curlicues like the story.



David Mitchell




I have become a literary groupie, on the road from one festival to another to hear a favourite author, (any author?) launch their latest. David Mitchell was excellent,   amusing, thoughtful, philosophic by turn.  Perhaps liking a writer’s output automatically means you will like the writer. The 500 strong audience seemed to think so and we hung on his every word and listened to his many insights on writing.

So looking forward to reading The Bone Clocks.