The Camino

El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James), is a pilgrimage in  Spain.  It honours St. James the Apostle whose remains are said to rest ( finally) behind the high altar of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. It has existed for over a thousand years and regularly attracts 150-200 thousand pilgrims each year (272,000 at its height).  In a secular world this may say more of the human need for walking than a belief in and a desire to honour old bones.   The French Camino would seem the most popular and the most frequented.  From the Spanish border to Santiago is more or less 500 miles and takes 4-6 weeks to walk; less, of course by bike and heaven knows how long on horseback or with a donkey. It passes through the Basque country, Navarra, Rioja, Palencia, Leon and Galicia   But there is so much more to discover and to walk. The  paths of the Camino are global and have been mapped and documented and walked by many.

A good starting place if you’re interested, might be the Confraternity of St James in London.

Then there’s the film, The Way, but that (as they say) is another story.

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